Let's GO!


Version Date Update Description
2.0.0 10.14.2021 THUNDER join the warriors
Minor fix ultimates damage
1.3.0 09.28.2021 Nitro delivery system v2.0, p2p sale enabled, cash on delivery
1.2.7 09.22.2021 ALPHA, night event release.
1.2.6 09.22.2021 New animations for Limited, Rare and Legendary character cards.
1.2.5 09.21.2021 Raindrop Buff, "Liquid Spirit" regenerates 60% of remaining health
Boulder critical Chance and evasion decrease to 1%, damage base decrease in 1
Sabrina Holy Blessing damage decrease
Niko defense decreaste to 17
Zo increase damage in "Aqua Bullets"
Blaze increase damage in "Berserker Mode"
ASH increase damage in All skills, Drop more enemy defense in Fire Wall status
1.2.1 09.16.2021 Nitro delivery system is Alive!
Hebi buff, poison cloud weakens the enemy's defense by 15%
Hebi Stats, base damage 33
Hebi 1° Skill, base damage 40
1.2.0 09.13.2021 Crystal Consume Enable
Major Fix in Stats all characters
The second abilities were enhanced and the first ones weakened
Niko critical chance in ultimate reduced to 80%
New Formula to calculate evasion and critical Chance
1.1.0 09.08.2021 Stamina energy drink, one purchase every 24 hours, can only be used on low characters (up to level 10), Cost 30WP, Maximum Stamina 10
1.1.0 09.08.2021 Delivery System (NITRO) in development, New Listing Exchange End of September
1.1.0 09.07.2021 ASH, ultimate Fire Wall, sets the stage on fire for 4 turns, lowers the enemy's armor by 40%
ZO, ultimate changes its name to Water Floor, if the enemy is wet, his bubble will recover life based on the damage inflicted.
Niko, THROWING SMOKE, for two turns the enemy is engulfed in smoke Niko gains 100% evasion for two turns and 80% critical on his next two attacks
1.1.0 09.07.2021 Welcome to the fight!! ASH, Zo and Niko
1.1.0 09.07.2021 Minor server update, PVE Active